I Have A Dream

Good morning. Tomorrow is our Examination. So, I can't stay too long in front of computer. Expect this post to be short :)

I had a dream last night. In my dream, my school was attacked by some terrorists. We can't get out of the school because it's already surrounded by the terrorists. My two friends and I kept on running from place to place. We were hiding from the terrorists. Then, unfortunately we got caught by one of the terrorists. We ran as fast as we can but the terrorists are so many that they are scattered all over our school. We don't know where else to go. Suddenly, one of my classmates was shot by the terrorist. "Run!" he shouted. So me and my other classmate ran and went to a hidden place. What we don't know is that there are some terrorists there. We saw a motorcycle and we used it to escape from the terrorists. My classmate drove the bike and we have safely escaped from the terrorists.

Sounds weird. Does anyone knows what my dream means? Please comment your interpretations :) Thank You. That's all for today. I have to review my lessons now.

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