This is my first official post in my new blog :) Actually this is not a new one. I created this blog last year, and unfortunately I forgot my Blogger account's password. So, I created a new one and considered it as my real and official blog. He-he. I posted various posts there. But as time goes by I got this feeling of being lazy. Aside from that, I was too busy in my studies. Many people insulted that blog of mine. Actually, not too many, just my classmates and friends. Lol. I consider that blog dead. I won't give you the link of it because I don't think you'll understand my posts there. Lol. And I want my identity to be secret :)

Anyway, I decided to go back to my "blogger life" (even though I have a very hectic schedule and I'm not good in English) because I miss sharing my thoughts and experiences to everyone. Also, my auntie wanted me to practice English. Good thing I remember the password of my account in here. Lol. Honestly, I hate memorization. It's my weakness. You can ask me anything about numbers and shapes but never ask me about history. I don't know why a lot of people think that mathematics is hard when all my life I consider it the easiest one. Hmm. Anyway, Last week we had our National Career Assesment Examination. And luckily, I was able to answer all the questions. I was traumatized when I took my Entrance Examination on one of the prestigious schools in our country. That was my first time and I have no idea what it was like to have an Entrance Examination. I thought it was just like having a test in school. But it was completely different. The Entrance Examination was extremely hard not only because of the fact that the quiz covers from our first year topics up to fourth year topics but also because of the TIME PRESSURE. Sigh.

Last week also, I went to a dental clinic with my mom for my first teeth-cleaning and pasta. It took an hour. After that we went to a near fruitshake stand. I ordered an apple-mango combo shake. Then, my mom bought something for lunch. After that we went home.

That's all for now. I have to sleep because it's already 11 in the evening here. So, see you next time guys. Hope I won't get lazy anymore :)

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